Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Wins - January 30th, 2012

Here were the outstanding performers of "January Week 4"

Jeremiah Schutz - Sold 17 cartons of Download Tile and 240 yards of Urban Square

Noreen Holston -
Sold 4 rolls of Defender 20 and 365 yards of Checkmate

Dave Matheson - Sold 3 rolls of Alma Mater - New Stocking Position!!

Debra Jo Caudy - Sold the first 3 rolls of Tuition Prisms 26 for a large project in Alaska!!

Jeff Alexander - Sold 818 yards of Point Guard, 33 cartons of Charged Tile and 5 cartons of Energized Tile

Jim Dahl - Sold 4 rolls of Defender 20 from Seattle stock!!

Ted Kuntz - Sold 1515 yards of Filigree!! This job was with a large contract house, who says these guys won't sell Olefin. Ted also secured the adhesive and seam sealer for the job which adds 13% to the overall ticket sale. Enjoy the commission boost Ted.

Monday, January 23, 2012

On Display at Surfaces

Yes that's right SURFACES is upon us...

This year Aladdin Commercial will make a splash with our comprehensive product line and our New Modular Introductions.

We will be displaying Get Moving, Set In Motion, Go Forward and Design Medley Tile all of which bring added fashion and functionality to a blossoming product category. Your customers will be impressed with the styling and contemporary colorways.

Make sure your dealers stop by our show and see what Aladdin Commercial has to offer!





Friday, January 20, 2012

New Adhesive Offerings - Complete Package

Below you will find the entire list of our adhesive offerings. This product line has everything the commercial application could need and will help to add dollars to your average ticket.

Don't forget when selling any commercial job, no matter how small, our adhesive and seam sealers need to be included.Just like you purchase batteries for that toy, your customer needs to purchase our adhesive for their jobs.

NuBroadlok Premium Plus -
Application: Adhesive for Actionbac, Unitary, Unitary W/Actionbac, UPS, & Attached Cushion
Style# R0020
Size: 4 Gal
Spread Rate: "30-40 sq. yd. 1/8"" x 1/8"" x 1/16"" V notch"
Pallet: 48 Pails

Enpress PSA -
Application: Pressure Sensitive Releasable - Carpet Tile Adhesive
Style# R1000
Size: 4 Gal
Spread Rate: 140-160 sq. yds. - 3/8" Nap Roller
Pallet: 48 Pails

Enpress PSA -
Style# R1001
Size: 1 Gal
Spread Rate: 35-40 sq. yds. - 3/8" Nap Roller
Pallet: 144 Pails

NuSpraylok Trigger
Application: Lever for use with 22 oz. spray can
Style# RK152
Size: Each

NuSpraylok  - 
Application: Spray adhesive for Carpet Tile
Style# DK45R
Size: 6 - 22oz Cans
Spread Rate: 100-123 sq. yds. Per Case
Pallet: 130 Cases without winter pack 48 cases w/winter pack

Primecoat Primer -
Application: Only for Concrete and Plywood Sub Floors
Style# R0095
Size: 4 Gal
Spread Rate140-160 sq. yds. - 3/8" Nap Roller
Pallet: 48 Pails

SureSeal -
Application: Sealer for covering old broadloom adhesive (must be used prior to applying Enpress)
Style# R0018
Size: 4 gal
Spread Rate: 140-160 sq. yds. - 3/8" Nap Roller
Pallet: 48 Pails

EverSeal -
Application: One Coat Moisture Sealer 90%RH -- 11 pH
Style#: RK079
Size: 4 gal
Spread Rate: 140-160 sq. yds. - 3/8" Nap Roller
Pallet: 48 Pails

EverSeal -
Style# RK080
Size: 1 Gal
Spread Rate: 35-40 sq. yds. - 3/8" Nap Roller
Pallet: 144 Pails

NuBroadlok Latex Seam Sealer -
Application: For Actionbac
Style# 7702R
Size: 12 - 8oz Bottles
Spread Rate: 100 LF/Bottle
Pallet: 60 Cases

NuBroadlok Latex Seam Sealer - 
Application: For Actionbac
Style# 7030R
Size: 1 Qt Bottle (Refill)"
Spread Rate: 400 LF/Bottle
Pallet: 36 Cases 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Professional Modular Presentations

This is the first Aladdin Commercial Regional Blog. Hope you enjoy and your feedback is welcomed and much appreciated!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Wins - January 16th, 2012

Nice work from the following TM's for their outstanding performances last week:

Mark Doty:
-Sold 280 yards of our new tile Set in Motion and he added the adhesive
-He also sold 1350 yards of Energized tile and the adhesive
-As part of our West Coast Stock program he sold 485 yards of Virtual and 150 yards of Defender 26!!

Jim Dahl:
-Sold 18 cartons of Powered Tile

Shannon Spaur:
-Sold 350 yards of Energized Tile. This is phase one of three!!

Thanks again to all the TM's listed here for your hard work and outstanding performances. 

Keep sending me those wins team, you guys are the best in the business! Have a great week!

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Aladdin Commercial Comprehensive Brochure

Introducing the new "Comprehensive Aladdin Commercial Dealer Brochure."

This awesome resource will be available to the sales staff after our local Roadshows are complete.

Inside the brochure you will find information about our yarn systems, recycling efforts, upscale styling, modular information and everything under the Aladdin Commercial banner.

Looking forward to hearing your dealer responses from our Roadshows about this new resource, they are sure to be impressed!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Road Map for 2012 and Beyond

Below you will find a summary of the points mentioned in the newsletter. Consider these your “Mainstreet Modus Operandi” or your “Road Map” for successful Aladdin Commercial Selling.
·         Have a plan for each sales call.
o    What do I need to address?
o    Which products will I present and why?
·         Identify “Target 15” accounts
o    Focus on growing these accounts
o    Bill them more frequently
o    Acquire inventory positions from competition
·         Have a Pricing Strategy
o    Specific pricing for each specific customer
o    Don’t mass price your Territory
o    Utilize MBP process and ensure benchmark is priced correctly
o    Promote products with “Special Price Promotions”
·         Any Commercial Activity Today?
o    That little question will stir up a lot of business
·         Develop “Product Packages” for simplified PK’s and selling
o    4 to 5 products presented on each call to each dealer
o    Focus on product categories (Modular, SDN, Graphics, Cut Pile)
·         Manage your Samples effectively
o    Reposition arch folders in key accounts to maximize sales
o    Update all displays with correct insert cards
o    Ensure display sequence is utilized for easily upgrading products
·         Know your products and the competition
o    Study your specifications
o    Know your applications with each product
o    Keep track of competitive styles and pricing to effectively combat the competition
·         Utilize your Regional Commercial Specialist
o    They are a free wealth of knowledge and experience
o    Monopolize their time and get them in front of your customers.