Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do You Need to Replace That Floor?

Here is a simple little question to ask your dealers this week as you visit each account. Most of our customers do some Property Management work whether Commercial or Residential. Almost every Management company utilizes carpet for their offices, common areas, lobbies and corridors. The length of time these surfaces are staying down are anywhere from 5-12 years. Most have gone past their useful age and are in need of a replacement. That's where you and the dealer come in.

Encourage the dealer on his/her next sales call to a property or a commercial management company to ask if the offices or common areas need replacement. Sometimes its as simple as asking for the replacement that might stir a budget talk between the management team at the property and this could result in a large quantity of carpet being replaced and with any luck it will be Aladdin Commercial.

Give this a try on your sales calls and you'd be surprised to see how much business comes your way when you consistently dig and ask for opportunities.

Keep up the effort team, it is paying dividends!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Two New Intros - Go Forward and Design Medley

As our Aladdin Commercial product line continues to improve we are proud to announce the two latest Modular styles to hit the market.

Product Positioning:
Go Forward Tile enhances our styling options with an abstract blocking pattern. Go Forward tile is unique, yet appeals to the masses. Go Forward shares the same colors as Get Moving, & Set in Motion Tile and can be coordinated with the broadloom styles: Olympic Record, Olympic Medal, Global Image & World Vision.

Design Medley Tile is positioned as a trade up style with randomness in color and a patchwork overlay pattern. Customers looking for a random installation, and a modular product with mergeability, will want to see this fabulously priced tile. This is our first tile product to be marketed as allowing mergeable dye lots for multidirectional installation.

Key Product Features:
1/12th ga., 17 oz. Graphic Loop: Go Forward
1/12th ga., 22 oz. Graphic Loop: Design Medley
ColorStrand SDN, with 25% pre-consumer recycled content
11 Colors: Go Forward
12 Colors: Design Medley
Mohawk Protection Plus, Soil Protection plus Stain Blocker
Lifetime: Wear, Static Control, Edge Ravel, Zippering, Delamination, & Dimensional Stability.10 year: Stain Resistance.
Installation: Multi-Directional, Horizontal Ashlar, Vertical Ashlar, Monolithic, & Qtr. Turn
Backing: UltraSet RC (T3)

Key Advantages:
The above styles can be installed in a variety of methods, including Multi-Directional. Our
ColorStrand SDN fiber contains 25% post industrial recycled material and our UltraSet RC backing
contains 35% minimum recycled content based on total product weight. Both contribute towards LEED