Why Modular?

Why Modular?

Advantages of Modular:
1) The Styling Advantage:
· Versatile with multiple installation options
· Create multiple looks and designs that broadloom cannot achieve

2) The Performance Advantage:
· UltraSet RC – a high performance backing system whose chemistry has been in the Mohawk family for over 2 decades. It is a proven backing system!
· Proven dimensional stability: no cupping, doming, shrinking or growing
· Endurance to heavy foot and wheel traffic
· Can replace high traffic areas as needed versus and entire room/hallway

3) The Maintenance Advantage:
· Tough stains can be treated like broadloom stains and cleaned with the tile either intact on the floor or
removed and cleaned individually.
· When standard cleaning does not work, a tile can quickly and easily be replaced without affecting the
entire area. The adhesive is releasable.
· These types of repairs can be done in house by maintenance staff.
· Employee disruptions, if any, are minimal.

4) The Eco Advantage:
· UltraSet RC contains 35% recycled content based on total weight.
· ColorStrand SDN contains 25% recycled content.
· 75% Reduced waste compared to broadloom (3.4% vs. 13.5%)

5) The Installation Advantage:
· Installs in less time than broadloom
· Can be installed in occupied spaces – key factor for retrofit jobs
· No seaming diagrams are necessary
· No patterns to match
· Stores conveniently for future repair
· Easier to transport than broadloom

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